Make a wish?

Some people see weeds, others choose to make a wish! That is the beauty of dandelion clocks and what we love about them. Here at Rose Filtered we love to make a wish on a dandelion and our latest series of fine art photography prints captures the magical nature of dandelion clocks. If you look closely they are made up of such interesting shapes and structure. This print is very close to our hearts as the time and effort put into ‘deconstructing a dandelion clock’ is substantial.

Firstly there is the challenge of finding the ‘perfect’ looking clock… who knew there could be so much variation, fluffy ones, sparse one, dog eared, extra large, petite and delicate… lots of variation and lots to choose from!  Getting it home in-tact is challenge number two, which might not sound difficult, however it is very challenging given we live on the top of a hill in a village often called ‘Windy Whickham’ in the North east of England! For our new series of prints we resorted to constructing a ‘dandelion holder’ using a cardboard box and skewers… as I said lots of time and effort. Then their is the patience of a saint that is required as well a some very good tweezers and a very steady hand. The number of times the shot has been set up and ready and the waft of a Labrador tail and it’s back to step one. Anyway we got there (eventually) and we’re very pleased with the results…

Our classic monochrome ‘Deconstructed dandelion clock’ print is now available in a beautiful soft sky blue as well as our original black and white print.

We’ve also added a series of individual prints called ‘Make a wish’. These prints are soft and dreamy in delicate colours, they would make fabulous nursery prints or complement feminine decor such as bedrooms or living areas in pastel shades. ‘Make a wish’ is available in soft duck egg blue or delicate pastel pink…

The final addition to our dandelion clock series is an individual monochrome print called ‘Fly away’ that would look at home in any modern living area. The image captures dandelion seeds blowing away but has a more minimalist contemporary feel that would suit most neutral and modern home decor schemes.

So there you have it – our latest dandelion collection. So whether it’s a dandelion to add some interest to your walls, if you’re thinking of a gift idea for a nature lover or you know someone like us who loves to make a wish on a dandelion… the prints are available to buy at either of our online shops… for UK shoppers see our brand NEW Folksy shop: or international shoppes can buy our prints in our Etsy store:

Adventure Awaits

So lovely to get customer feedback and to see our prints in their new homes. One of our customers has our Adventure Awaits print up next to a world map… love the IKEA wire set up they’ve used, such a good idea and apparently the map is foam backed so can easily be pinned without marking the walls – awesome! Loving the wall of polaroids too… such a great idea! Looks like it’s time to get pinning…




Featuring Jes Hooper Pyrography

This week we introduce Jes Hooper. When I saw her illustrations I immediately knew they needed sharing, she’s a very talented lady as I’m sure you’re about to agree!

Introducing Jes Hooper PyographyCould you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and your Etsy shop?

Picture 1 Jes Hooper, photo credit to Thom Undrell

Photo credit artist and photographer:  Thom Undrell

I am a freehand pyrography (or “wood burning”) artist living in Brighton, Sussex. I am a self taught artist with an interest in animal behaviour and ecology. My material of choice is oak, and I work with local Sussex mills to source reclaimed timber that has interesting grains but would otherwise go to waste. I use large oak planks to create pointillism artwork, where I burn thousands upon thousands of dots into the surface of the wood that merge in the viewers eye to form complex images. I started wood burning in November 2015 as a hobby to lift my spirits during a lengthy time of unemployment. Having never been taught how to draw or burn, I posted my first attempts on Instagram to find there was a keen interest in my work and my art style. That month I set up my Etsy shop selling small wooden gifts, and just three months later I became a self-employed artist. Now in my shop you will find my original oak artworks and an ever increasing range of personalised home decor and gifts.

My artwork is also on sale at the Oriental Brighton throughout May as part of the Artists Open Houses exhibition, and at Thomas Rainsford Art Gallery in Brighton all year round.  I also sell my artwork and take commissions via my website and I will be attending Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace in September.

Tell us a little bit about how and where you work? 


For me, what started as a hobby quickly turned my already cramped bedroom into a chaotic workshop. Pine boards and huge slabs of beech were crammed under my bed, tree branch sections were drying (and often moulding) on all my shelves, and everything from wooden spoons to oak boards and various power tools were precariously stacked in piles on the floor. Essentially, everything you see in my studio pics was once crammed into my bedroom.

Then there was the problem of preparing the wood- I needed space for sanding.  This literally involved me chasing small sections of branch around our conservatory floor with a sander. Fun fact: I have tiny hands! Holding a piece of cross section with one hand and a sander in the other is somewhat of an advanced skill I have yet to master. One day, as I was playing tag with another piece of wood, my dad walks in and gives me a stern look… I’ve covered our entire conservatory in a blanket of sawdust. That’s it I thought-game over. Two minutes later he comes back into the room, and nails in a make shift clamp to the floorboards to make it easier for me – my Dad is one in a million!

A week or two later, we were both hauling out the furniture, and setting up the space as my studio. It has changed my life! I now produce large pointillism pieces which I was previously unable to do for lack of space. I can store all my tools and materials in one place. I can organise everything so I know what stock I have, what pieces I am working on, what materials need preparation, and I have areas for wood drying and oiling/waxing final pieces.

This is all however only a temporary workspace. In the coming months I will be joining my boyfriend, a professional carpenter, and his work colleagues in their new carpentry workshop, which is a beautiful converted barn in the Sussex countryside. I’ll be surrounded by wood, machinery, and farm animals- what more could a girl want?

Your new work space sounds amazing… and idyllic. I hope you manage to get some work done rather than spending all day admiring the views!

What inspires your work? 



My main inspiration comes from my experiences travelling and working as an animal behaviourist. When I select oak I look carefully at the grain. Often I will place a piece if oak board in my studio in full view whilst I work, spending days glancing at it to really determine what the grain would represent in an animal’s environment. I then burn an image of an animal into the grain in a way which represents it’s interaction with its natural habitat. For example, “Noggin dude” (two sea turtles) depicts two sea turtles surfing the current, as sea turtles in the wild use currents as a tool for migrating to their breeding and feeding sites.

What are you currently working on? 

Picture 7 giclee printAt the moment I am working on a special collection of limited edition giclee prints. I really wanted to make my artwork accessible to everyone, which is not always possible to do when each pyrography piece takes weeks (if not months) to complete and are one-of-a kind art pieces that cannot be reproduced. Prints on the other hand, are a great way to offer affordable artwork, making my artwork accessible to more people.

In the past few weeks I have been making a start on a collection of ocean inspPicture 6. Giclee printired pointillism artwork on paper, to accompany my pyrography artwork. Like my pyrography work each drawing is comprised of thousands upon thousands of dots drawn freehand, which merge in the viewers eye to form detailed images. Each drawing is reproduced as a giclee print, the highest quality in fine art printing, all printed locally to me in Brighton to support the local art community.

How have you found your Etsy journey so far?

I am relatively new to Etsy, having set up my shop in late November 2015 when I started pyrography as a hobby. I have found Etsy is a great way to display art and craft and offers a unique opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. I love the way in which it is a personal platform which allows sellers to show not only their craft but their creative journey and their inspirations. I am still working hard to make my Etsy shop the best it can be, but the support from different Etsy teams and administrators is really helpful and I have found a supportive home in the online Etsy communities.

Any lessons learned so far that you would like to share with other Etsy makers or online sellers?

My biggest lesson learned so far has been product photography. I found taking pictures of my work was quite challenging when working from home as I had limited space and natural light. With practice and a lot of trial and error I now have pictures that I am happy with, though I am always learning and improving where I can.

Your favourite make so far?

My favourite make so far has been my seahorse art pieces, because I can create endless shapes and patterns working with the grain and different burning techniques.

Your best seller?

My best seller on etsy is my homeware range, with my personalised wooden utensil sets a particular favourite. I like making utensil sets because the small surface space presents a unique challenge in design and intricate burning. I also love to create personalised items because I get an insight into the person who the item is intended for, like being let in to a strangers life for just a moment.

Your Etsy crush?

It has to be “Pocket Moss“, a shop run by Zoee Nuage. Zoee make the most magically cute folklore accessories. Plus, mushrooms. You have to check out her shop to understand!

There are so many cute and adorable makes, I can see why you love it!



What’s your favourite Etsy purchase?

My favourite Etsy purchase so far is a lovely little coin purse made by TotesByWendy. I always find myself perusing through material wares. I can’t work out how to thread a sewing machine let alone make something!

 Where can we find you on the web to come and say ‘hi’?








Handmade Fair:

Thanks so much to Jes and please pop over and take a look at her lovely makes and if you can go and say hello on social media I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. Every little bit of support you give means so much to artists and makers! In the shop there’s lots more to see and it’s well worth a look!

Next Friday on Rose Filtered we will be featuring Amy Donoghue from Hope the Black Dog I hope you can make it!

Leanne x

PS if you’ve still got time we have something completely different over on the Leapup blog this week… we feature Laura Bittles from Ip Dip Design with her quirky, colourful designs, well worth a look. Enjoy!

Introducing Jo Stevens

This week we introduce the lovely Jo Stevens, an Etsy Steampunk Jewellery maker with a love of gaming and anime. Jo has very kindly agreed to give us the low down on her business and what inspires her makes, the personal challenges she faces and her future plans. Jo has been an amazing person to speak to and get to know and I hope you enjoy learning about her, her makes and her future business plans as much as I have. 
Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and your Etsy shop? Hello! I’m Jo, I’m 31 years old, I am currently living in Peterborough and I own an Etsy shop called lilJo’s Jewellery.  Being agoraphobic I had a lot of spare ‘indoor time’ so I decided to do something productive that I enjoyed doing and that would also help towards my household bills… and so my Etsy shop was born! lilJo’s Jewellery has Steampunk at it’s core and also some Cottage-chic with Boho jewellery and accessories for sale too.

[PS for anyone who is wondering what steampunk is, here is the Wiki definition: “it is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.” ]

I live with my partner Simon who I met online a few years ago. Like me he is a gamer and very much a fan of super heroes and all things Marvel. He is a bit of a stereotypical nerd with a comic book collection and character figurines in tow, but he is so lovely and just the right guy for me!
Together we have two cats. The first is Kittyfer, she is a rescue cat, she is very quiet and keeps to herself, but loves my partner to bits!

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The second one is Catcat, she was a stray and given to us by a neighbour who tried to take care of her but could no longer do so. She was in a bit of a state, skinny, worms, fleas, the works! But we got her all fixed up and gave her lots of love so she is now my happy, tubby, slightly loopy little buddy who follows me everywhere.

They are both gorgeous cats and it sounds like they’re very lucky to have ended up finding a home with you guys. Do you want to talk a little bit about your agoraphobia?  I was first diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when I was around 19. I went to numerous counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatry and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions but nothing seemed to help and the agoraphobia stated to develop.

Dealing with my agoraphobia can definitely be hard at times, I don’t really go out a lot but my family support me and I do manage to go out when I’m with them. Because of my social anxiety I just tend to try not to talk or interact with people when I do go out. That’s why Etsy is really good for me being that it’s all online.
When I do get an order my wonderful partner steps in and takes any parcels to the post office for me, so without him I probably would have failed at my Etsy endeavour. I appreciate his help and support very much!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Simon sounds so supportive which must be a great help. I’m sure there are people suffering with debilitating illnesses that will appreciate your honesty and find the fact that you have worked around your illness and set up your business inspiring, I know that I do. Tell us a little bit about how & where you work? I work from my home so when making jewellery I’m usually on the floor surrounded by findings and parts or at the dining room table whilst being attentively watched by my cat. By the window is another spot you can also find me, camera in hand, as I find natural light for my item photography works best. The majority of my time is spent at my computer desk where I edit and upload all my photos to Etsy and work on titles and SEO. I also spend a lot of time there networking and promoting via my different media accounts too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What sort of camera do you use for your product photography? I use a FujiFilm FinePix S1000fd with a 12x optical zoom lens to take my item pictures. After making a few items I take all the photos at the same time using natural daylight so they all come out looking the same. I then use Adobe Photoshop Element 8.0 to do all my editing which is mainly adding my background and logo. I am planning to get my background professionally printed so I can take my item photos directly on that instead of having to add it myself after, in the hope of cutting out a lot of editing time.

What inspires your work? I thought for a long while about what I should make and being a fan of Steampunk I was inspired by the beauty of items and photography I saw online and wanted to be a part of it and so I started to make Steampunk jewellery. But sometimes when I think of a design I just have to make it! Such as these little Alarm Clock Brooches.

What are you currently working on?  I designed and made my shop logo and cover picture myself and I have been designing a business card and shop poster for when I eventually start selling at craft fairs.

As for my jewellery I am also working on getting more steampunk items put together ready to be added to my shop.

How have you found your Etsy journey so far? So far my Etsy journey has been exhausting at times but also very fulfilling as I really do enjoy creating my items and it makes me very happy to receive good reviews, and of course even happier when I hear the famous ‘Ker-ching’!

I have also found different places online, mainly facebook groups, where I can network and get support and advice from other lovely Etsy sellers. So being able to make friends along the way has been a great bonus!
That in turn inspired me to start my own group called ‘Shop Etsy UK‘ so us sellers have yet another place we can get together and help promote each other’s work!


Oooh, I ‘ll have to pop over and check it out! You say some of your Etsy journey is ‘exhausting’ at times (I soooo know that feeling). What do you enjoy doing to chill out and relax, if you have time to do that? I would like to say I cook/bake lovely things to eat as I would really enjoy that! Unfortunately I am terrible in the kitchen and although I have tried many times, things that usually can’t be messed up turn out wrong and I end up with another burn to add to the collection… so I shoot zombies on my Xbox instead! I also like to game with my partner as well or watch movies with him, that really takes my mind off things and helps me unwind.

Any lessons learned so far that you would like to share with other Etsy makers or online sellers? I have been very lucky so far and not experienced this myself as my customers have always been kind and polite to me, “knock on wood”. But I have seen other sellers who have not had this luck and have had very rude interactions from buyers. So I would say to other sellers, don’t let anyone bully you and always stay as polite and professional as you can.

Also, if you are anxious about your prices, play with adjusting your prices and see what works best for each item you sell. You could also play the ‘What would you pay?’ game which is usually found within Facebook networking groups. You may be pleasantly surprised so never under value your own work.


How do you package your items for sending? Tell us about anything you do to make the customer experience extra special? The items themselves are either in a ribbon topped gift box, in a jewellery sleeve or in a drawstring organza bag depending on the item.

I currently write out my postage labels but am saving up for a label printer and also some logo and return address stickers as I think it will give a more professional and branded look to my parcels.
Packaging Pic
I have also seen some ‘Review me’ stickers online and have added them to my wishlist as I think they are a great idea to encourage buyers to leave much wanted reviews!

They sound like a great idea, I’ll have to look out for some!  How are you finding the challenge of SEO, tags and titles and trying to reach a global market? SEO for me is not too bad actually. I try to use basic descriptive words mixed with specific ones and also spell things differently such as ‘Jewellery or mum’ for the UK and ‘Jewelry or mom’ for the US for a little added reach.

There is a lot of talk about the jewellery market on Etsy being over saturated and more competitive than ever. Do you think this is true and how do you keep your head above the crowd? Any thoughts on this would be interesting? Oh yes I definitely think this is true! There are just so many types of jewellery to be found on Etsy… boho, fine, costume, wrapped wire, bridal, beaded, resin..the list goes on and on so being a jewellery seller on Etsy can be very challenging!

I find my Steampunk jewellery sells the best out of all my items because it falls within a niche genre and I also try to be competitive with my pricing as most Steampunk items can be quite expensive.


Do you ever make the jewellery for yourself to wear? Sometimes I do want to keep what I’ve made but I have to keep telling myself ‘NO! Behave!’ I’ve still made a couple of items for myself though and a few for my family. Last year I made an amber range but as soon as I posted pictures of it my mum commented:

Mum: Oh! My favourite colours!
Me: Do you want one?
Mum: Yes.
Me: Which one?
Mum: All of them.
On the plus side that was her Christmas present sorted!

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 Your favourite make so far?
I  have two absolute favorite makes, one is this square steampunk pendant. I think it has a simplistic look but still so gorgeous displayed in it’s gift box and would make a perfect gift for a Steampunk lover!
The other is this Amethyst wrist watch, I tried something different with this watch, giving it a matching attached bracelet which I think ended up looking beautiful! I was a little bit sad to see it go but very happy someone liked it enough to buy it!

Your best seller? My best seller has been the matching Steampunk necklace and bracelet gift sets which come in a beautiful ribbon topped gift box! I really enjoy making these!

Have you had many sales abroad? If so where is your most exotic or furthest location? I have made a few international sales going out to Australia, Germany and mostly to the USA. One of my furthest location sales was a recent sale not to far from Hollywood which went to an American actress who appeared in quite a few of my favourite childhood TV shows, so I was very happy about that!


That sounds very exciting! So, what’s next for your shop? I am most passionate about my Steampunk items and my next plan for my shop is to start making jewellery and accessories with gamer and anime themes as I am a huge fan of these genres as well! As I have never sold at any craft fairs yet I would love to start doing so, especially at comic cons where I feel those types of items would be more sought after.

So you’re really into gaming and anime? I do play computer games and have done since I was around five so I do consider myself a gamer. I started off on the Atari playing the awesome 80’s game ‘Pong’! My favourite game to run home from school to play was ‘Super Mario 3’ and sometimes my family would have game nights where we would all play ‘Star Fox’ together which I really enjoyed! When I was a teen the ‘Silent Hill’ series was my all time favourite, it’s horror themed and I remember being genuinely scared at times when playing! Nowadays though some of my favourite games are ‘Fallout 3’, ‘Left 4 dead 2’ and the ‘Gears of War’ series. I really love gaming and will probably game for the rest of my life and will definitely teach my kids (when I have some) to game too.

As for Anime, again I started watching from a young age and my first one was ‘Project A-ko’ which I instantly fell in love with! Having a nerdy older teen brother I was able to follow along watching whatever he watched so started off on a lot of 80’s anime such as ‘Devil Man’, ‘Psycho City’ and my favourite, ‘3×3 Eyes’..which looking back was probably a bit inappropriate/scary for a little kid to be watching but I’m glad I got to watch them anyway!
I’ve carried on watching anime since and some of my fave ones are Hunter X Hunter, Hack, FLCL, Naruto and Attack on Titan. Anime is awesome because of how imaginative the story lines can be and also because of how beautiful some anime art is. This is why I am looking forward to starting a gamer and anime line of jewellery because both have always been present in my life and I have a real passion for them so it just feels like the right next step for me to take for my shop.

It sounds like fantastic plan and I hope you come back and tell us when you have your new lines ready so we can have a sneaky peek. Do you think your Etsy business is helping you build your confidence? I recently went to a Comicon in Birmingham with my partner, it was a birthday present because I’ve always wanted to go to one so it was my first ever one! I really enjoyed it and loved to see all the anime and gamer merchandise and lucky for me there was an outside area which I used a few times to just sit and chill when I got to flustered. Anyway, I just loved the stalls and saw items similar to my own so it just became an ambition! I hear from other Etsy people that they sell on stalls at craft fairs and I just think my items, especially when I start a gamer and anime range, would fit in better at a Comicon.

Interacting with like minded people would be lovely and definitely help with my confidence. I’m hoping to get started on my new range within the next few months if I can. I’ll probably wait for a few months after that to actually go to a Comicon because I want to buy stall stands and a shop banner and business cards first, so when I do go I am prepared and can set up a professional looking stall.

I especially want some pics if you do start selling at Comicon -I hope you’ll get dressed up for the occassion – keep us posted! Your Etsy crush? Definitely FelThink! I adore her whimsical and charming dolls, they are all just so stunning!

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They are gorgeous, I will be taking a closer look! So, where can we find you on the web to come and say ‘hi’? Apart from Etsy, you can also find me here:

A very big thank you to Jo for giving such a warm, honest and interesting insight into her Etsy journey so far. I’m sure you will join me in wishing her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Jo will be back in six months to let us know how things are progressing. If you have any feedback or comments then please do comment below or get in touch as we’d love to hear your thoughts and encouragement. 
Next week we will be featuring Tily North from Natalie North Designs, a Newcastle based home accessories designer. I’m really looking forward to that and in the meantime we’ll have a treasury of lovely goodies for you to drool over which will be published on Tuesday.
Finally I just wanted to give a little shout out to Amy Donoghue at Hope the Black Dog, an Etsy shop with a mental health message. If you visit her page and take a look at her story and her products you might find some inspiration to help talk about mental health more openly. I’m really happy that Amy has agreed to get involved in ‘Feature Friday’, in the meantime here is one of her makes…for every purchase £1 goes towards the Mind charity.
If you’ve managed to stay with me this far please can I ask that you share this article on social media if you get the chance and maybe pop over to Jo’s shop, take a look and maybe treat yourself or a loved one? 
Thanks for reading xx
PS On the Leapup #Feature Friday this week we meet animal artist Sarah Alicia Smith, worth a look.