Bear hugs

This week we’ve finally got around to uploading a new print, a trio of bears (we’ve been meaning to do it for ages).

3 little bears lifestyleIn celebration we thought we would dedicate this weeks Treasury Tuesday to all things bear. We’ve curated a gorgeous collection of bear goodies including jewellery, illustrations, ceramics, greetings cards, cushions, textiles and more! If you love bears and need a bear hug you’re in the right place! These goodies can be bought here on Etsy: Bear hugs by Rose Filtered



A Thursday Treasury?

This week I’ve injured myself and have been feeling a little a lot sorry for myself, I haven’t even made a treasury, when I normally make two each week. Instead this week I’m featuring a treasury made by a fellow Etsy maker, who has kindly included one of our photographic prints which was a lovely surprise!

Rose Filtered HQ is thrilled to see our beach huts print included amongst all of these gorgeous beachy makes. Claire Watkins from Amelies Craft House has curated this treasury of lovely sea goodness , including tote bags, art prints, and beautiful jewellery. Thank you so much Claire!


You might spot Jo Steven’s pretty ocean themed necklace, we’ve previously featured lilJo’sJewellery as a Feature Friday on this blog (Introducing Jo Stevens). You might also spot Charlotte Reed from Grace Baskerville, one of her exquisitely beautiful seaglass necklaces is included. It’s fantastic to see Charlotte has made some new pieces… quick, snap them up before I do! It’s also so fab to see Louise Flintoft’s print from the Little Blue Girl Co – my screen printing buddy who I haven’t seen in ages… it’s a beautiful screen print of the Northumberland coast, her art is gorgeous and her shop is well worth a look.

You can buy any of the lovely items included on this beautiful treasury by clicking here: The Deep Blue Sea by Claire Watkins.

The seaside is one of my favourite themes for a treasury as I just love the beach, it’s my happy place. fishyClaire’s shop is full of beachy goodness and for anyone shopping for their holiday homes, beach huts or summer gifts, you should pop over for a peek! (Amelies Craft House)

When I look back I’ve curated my fair share of sea related treasuries on Rose Filtered and my Leapup blog. Can any of these beautiful beachy products tempt you…

Feeling Beachy by Rose Filtered


I also included a couple of beach themed treasuries on my Leapup Blog, including this cute nautical theme… seaside by LEAPUP.


and also a treasury called ‘Let’s to to the beach’ by Leapup.

Let's go to the beach

‘Deep blue sea’ by LEAPUP


Now that I’ve looked through these and shared them with the world again I don’t feel so bad that I missed out on this weeks Treasury Tuesday. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to curate a new treasury next week! Enjoy shopping!

Leanne x


This weeks #treasurytuesday we feature a number of geometric themed goodies made by talented UK based Etsy sellers.

We’re celebrating some of the beautiful minamilist geometric makes available on Etsy, with hints of aqua, rainbows, copper, concrete and mustard…. there is a little bit of something for everyone…geometric

You can shop for these gorgeous goodies here: ‘Geometric’ by Rose Filtered

A happy treasury

This weeks ‘Treasury Tuesday’ comes from an overall feeling of happiness. I wasn’t really sure where I was going with things when making this week’s treasury. I was thinking a happy yellow theme at first, but now here we are with a random mish-mash of lovely colourful goodies that make me feel… happy.


So here’s my thinking…

row1(1) Firstly the Ryan Gosling brooch by Frilly Industries – because who doesn’t need a Ryan Gosling brooch? Well, I do and I’m sure all the other Gosling fans might agree too. Ryan Gosling whether right or wrong makes me happy. I’m not going to deny it and the hubbie is quite accepting of it (or at least he has grown to deal with it over time, though I’m not sure how he’s going to feel about me blogging it – ha!) We are now at the point that if I ever really need cheering up we watch Crazy Stupid Love and well I just love the Dirty Dancing scene, it makes me soooo happy. If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it!!!

(2) I finally dragged myself out for a run today. I get a lot of exercise walking the dogs each day but but there is nothing quite like a run to get those happy feelings going – so I’m glad I did it and now I’m feeling extra happy as I know it gets easier and more addictive the more you do it. I’ve made a commitment to myself three times a week going forward because as much as it’s hard to get out of the door it feels soooooo good when it’s done. Anyway this cute ‘stress lees, run more’ poster from Art of Your Success pretty much sums it up for me.

(3) The Grace Baskerville aqua ring is included because a) If I have anything aqua or turquoise near me I instantly feel that bit happier b) it’s a gorgeous ring that the world needs to see and c) Charlotte from Grace Baskerville has agreed to do an interview for Feature Friday with us here at Rose Filtered – YAY!!!

(4) I’ve featured Laura’s work from Ip Dip Design before… look at it, how can it not make you happy? The actual print that I’m sooooo totally in love with is her ‘Awesome Sauce print’. “Awesome Sauce” has become the most used prow2hrase in our house at the moment, nothing is ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ anymore it is only ‘awesome sauce’. So I thought I’d save that print for when she joins us over on Leapup on Feature Friday and instead we’ve gone for a very, very happy rainbow YAY!

(5) Anything mint green makes me happy – it’s such a pretty, fresh, happy colour. After ripping out our 70’s kitchen and having some building work done we now have a light and airy mint and cream theme going on in the kitchen. I think this little ‘hello’ sign from Norabella would look soopa adorable. I can just imagine walking into the kitchen on a morning and it putting a smile on my face – it’s very cute and has made it onto my ‘earn more money because I must buy soon list’.

(6) My hubbie Steve and I recently adopted Oscar (our King Charles Cavalier) after my Gran passed away. This weekend Steve and Oscar lost each other while out on a walk – they came home about an hour and a half later than I was expecting and were both a bit exhausted and traumatized. I’m happy and relieved to report that Oscar was found running up and down like a mad thing looking for Steve and Steve was found like a jibbering wreck looking for Oscar and the two were reunited. I honestly don’t know what we would have done if anything had happened to him. I love this little guy soo much. So Oscar makes me happy and so I’ve included a cute King Charles Cavalier watercolour from Dyls House.  Charlotte Johnson’s shop will be featured on the Leapup blog in a few weeks time so you can find out more about her and her work then – can’t wait!

(7) I’m happy to report Steve and I are soon to adventure off to the Lakes for some walking, photography and general relaxation. It’s exactly what we need. Other than our cameras we are going tech free, eeek! So it’s going to be just us, the dogs, hills to climb what ever the weather throws at us and the obligatory county pubs to frequent. ***Bliss.*** With that in mind I just love the little adventure locket and its very cute colours by Melrow3issa Morgan Designs. It has has me thinking of our get away and I just can’t wait!

(8) I’m in love with the Eldris Creations little red fox though I do hope it’s not for all the wrong reasons! I know he isn’t a gremlin and is indeed a fox, but I just think of little gizzmo when I look at him. He’s so adorable, I Ioooovee the Gremlins and everyone needs a little fellow like this foxy gizzmo in their life!

(9) I only discovered Past Your Porchlight bears last week after the very talented Tori Lo told us about them in our Feature Friday article. Since then I’ve fallen in love with that shop. I’m obsessed with all ting animal and after seeing grizzly bears and black bears in the wild in Canada I adore them, and well who couldn’t love these little plush bears, they are so beautifully made? Just another thing to add to my shopping list (it can be so dangerous selling on Etsy with so such much lovely temptation).

(10) I’ve included this very cute washi rainbow tape from Lava Lamp Designs because how couldn’t it make you happy? I’m loving sorting the packaging side of things for the business, stickers, tape, tissue paper, you name it… all those extra little touches, lots of fun and hopefully happiness for the customer too when they receive their goodies!

(11) I love geometric. Geometric plus pretty colours makes me happy, happy, happy. I currently have some minty cloud magnets on my fridge but think these cute little finds from Dream Twee would look soppa cute alongside them.

(12) Today the sun was shining so I walked the dogs at the beach. The sun shining plus feeling warmth on the skin is a very rare event in the north East of England, even when it’s summer time. So, today at the beach was pretty special when I saw a sailboat, it really felt like summer and I took a moment to breathe it in, locked the memory away and treasured it because who knows when we’ll have anything row4as nice again? Anyway getting back to the point – how lovely is this little sail boat print by Natsula Designs? This shop is worth a visit. The designs are so beautiful and unusual – look out for the birds coming out of the piano for any music lovers or piano players… gorgeous!

(13) I discovered SKIllustarte‘s shop this week and fell in love with Sarah’s doodles, there are so many gorgeous ones but this week I’ve included this pretty rainbow couple under umbrella, with rainbow rain drops. Take a little look at the shop it is full of the must intricate little doodles – gorgeous!

(14) I’ve included the smile sign from Lala Loves Decor because of pretty much all of the reasons above.. I like it and today I just feel like smiling. To be honest I could have included anything from the shop, there is a lot of lovely going on!

(15) After talking to a fellow Etsian about the self doubt that can creep in, those moments where you really wonder if the financial and time investment is justified, I think we all need a poster like this hanging somewhere visible in our living space. ‘She believed she could so she did‘ pretty floral poster by the Paper Space Boutique.

(16) Finally this little washbag could be the perfect accompaniment to a little trip away to Keswick, I’m always loving the classic colour combination of yellow and grey and most of all the words say it all… ‘THINK HAPPY, BE HAPPY’ which is pretty much ‘awesome sauce’ as far as I’m concerned so thanks for that Knight and Gray.

You can buy all of these lovely items on Etsy at: Rose Filtered (Sun+Run=Happy) Etsy Treasury.



Say “cheese”

How quickly the Treasury Tuesday comes around!

Here at Rose Filtered HQ we are ever so slightly addicted to retro cameras. Here we have a lovely collection of photography finds and camera related goodies to drool over!

Firstly who wouldn’t want an actual retro camera??? How about a vintage Polaroid in cream with rainbow stripes, available to buy from Purple Lane 168. Watch out though, their store is bursting with retro goodies so you might need your cash at the ready!

There are so many lovely designs this week including a gorgeous embroidery hoop which is so cleverly done by Stitches of Anarchy, a gorgeous pastel camera pin by Fairy Cakes and how about that stylish and highly unusual laser cut necklace including the hands holding the camera by My New Fave  which immediately reminds me of the fabulous series ‘Mad Men’. How about that gorgeous art print of girl with camera by the very talented Terri Hall?

This weeks Treasury Tuesday ‘STAND OUT’ is that lovely cushion with retro camera illustration. STANDOUTcameracushionIt has a fabulously bold mustard and fuchsia colour combo, to really help make a statement in your living room! This gorgeous cushion is designed by the very talented Helena Carrington. Helena also has this same design available to buy in notebooks as well as the inverse colour combination of fuchsia with hints of mustard – her shop is worth a look.

All of the items featured in the treasury below are available to buy here on Etsy: “Say Cheese” Treasury on Etsy by Rose Filtered

SaycheeseSo that’s about it for this week but please don’t forget if you like what you see, please visit the shop and maybe help these talented makers who are all small business by sharing this post or their items on social media. They don’t get the same exposure or footfall as the corporate giants or high street stores, so lets share the love and help get these gorgeous goodies seen!

Enjoy shopping!


For this Treasury Tuesday (a day for supporting other Etsy sellers by helping share their lovely products) we’ve pulled together a selection of hand printed loveliness, inspired by our decision to work on a black and white collection of photographs for our shop. There are so many gorgeous black and white hand printed items here… take a closer look you won’t be disappointed!

Hand printed Monochrome Etsy Treasury by Rose Filtered

Hand printed monochrome


Feeling Beachy

This week’s Treasury Tuesday is a celebration of our love of the beach, we’ve spent quite a lot of time at the coast lately and think a walk in the cool sea air is just bliss. The dogs just love it too, so much more space to run and play with the added bonus of not being filthy afterwards!

This collection of gorgeous beach themed goodies include geometric cushions, hand printed scarves, jewellery and gorgeous prints for the home. We’ve included turquoise, aqua, mustard and yellows with a splash of grey and overall the treasury has a lovely light airy feel.

You can shop for any of these beautiful products here:

Etsy ‘Feeling Beachy’ Treasury by Rose Filtered

feelingbeachy[A ‘treasury’ is a term used on Etsy  it’s a collection of hand made items by Etsy sellers – but it’s not about self promotion it’s about supporting fellow makers and saying wow – look at all these lovely goodies – almost like a shop window or page on a magazine to highlight and showcase some of the beautiful products available.]

Perfectly Printed

This week after looking at printers, print detail and print options for our photography shop to the ‘nth degree’ we’re taking some time out to appreciate the joy of hand printing with the use of lino, etching, silk screen prints etc.

Obviously it is a little bit of a love of mine and I have started my print shop Leapup if you want a nosey about. But treasury Tuesday isn’t about self promotion! Oh no – it’s about sharing the love and showcasing some of the talented makers on Etsy. Hand printed is such a lovely niche and there is some fantastic talent on Etsy. This treasury is just a small collection of some of the beautiful artwork that would make a wonderful addition to any living space. The treasury is monochrome with hints of jade/green/aqua and mustard – yum!

You can find these lovely products here:

Etsy ‘Perfectly Printed’ Treasury by Rose Filtered