Make a wish?

Some people see weeds, others choose to make a wish! That is the beauty of dandelion clocks and what we love about them. Here at Rose Filtered we love to make a wish on a dandelion and our latest series of fine art photography prints captures the magical nature of dandelion clocks. If you look closely they are made up of such interesting shapes and structure. This print is very close to our hearts as the time and effort put into ‘deconstructing a dandelion clock’ is substantial.

Firstly there is the challenge of finding the ‘perfect’ looking clock… who knew there could be so much variation, fluffy ones, sparse one, dog eared, extra large, petite and delicate… lots of variation and lots to choose from!  Getting it home in-tact is challenge number two, which might not sound difficult, however it is very challenging given we live on the top of a hill in a village often called ‘Windy Whickham’ in the North east of England! For our new series of prints we resorted to constructing a ‘dandelion holder’ using a cardboard box and skewers… as I said lots of time and effort. Then their is the patience of a saint that is required as well a some very good tweezers and a very steady hand. The number of times the shot has been set up and ready and the waft of a Labrador tail and it’s back to step one. Anyway we got there (eventually) and we’re very pleased with the results…

Our classic monochrome ‘Deconstructed dandelion clock’ print is now available in a beautiful soft sky blue as well as our original black and white print.

We’ve also added a series of individual prints called ‘Make a wish’. These prints are soft and dreamy in delicate colours, they would make fabulous nursery prints or complement feminine decor such as bedrooms or living areas in pastel shades. ‘Make a wish’ is available in soft duck egg blue or delicate pastel pink…

The final addition to our dandelion clock series is an individual monochrome print called ‘Fly away’ that would look at home in any modern living area. The image captures dandelion seeds blowing away but has a more minimalist contemporary feel that would suit most neutral and modern home decor schemes.

So there you have it – our latest dandelion collection. So whether it’s a dandelion to add some interest to your walls, if you’re thinking of a gift idea for a nature lover or you know someone like us who loves to make a wish on a dandelion… the prints are available to buy at either of our online shops… for UK shoppers see our brand NEW Folksy shop: or international shoppes can buy our prints in our Etsy store:


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